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Hello, The Hackers Post Readers. Today, we conducted an interview of ZHC_Hawk, who is one of the  founder of  ZHC(ZCompany Hacking Crew). We try to cover questions about ZHC, its history, hacking and of  course about their Cause. We are very thankful to ZHC_Hawk for giving us his precious time.

Lets Start it!

Q: Hi ZHC_Hawk, thanks for giving me your precious time. ZHC_Hawk please introduce yourself to our Readers.
A: Your welcome, its ZHC_Hawk the founder (not owner) of ZHC, I�ll represent ZHC in this interview. 

Q: When and why did you start hacking?
A: I could not be in hacking at all if I could not have been pissed at few hate mongers at Orkut, I don�t want to recall that because we have changed our ways for few years, i don�t answer everyone bothering us with their hate and superiority complex, earlier I used to but now I think the cause is bigger and giving up on that is not an option. 

Q: What is ZHC?
A: We tried to define it by our work, we describe it as;
"Z" being the last alphabet has been chosen for "ZCompany Hacking Crew (ZHC)" as it is an end to injustice, extremism, Racism, Zionism, lies, illegal occupations and all such evils. We Hack/Deface for a reason, our reason for defacing is to raise awareness of the issues in the world with a main focus on Kashmir & Palestine.

Q: How ZHC was started?
A: Z company was a community on Orkut in 2005 which was initially made to resist against the extremists who were targeting religious communities, we fought and bowed them down in front of us, later in 2009 we made �ZHC�, all we do is for a reason of the cause otherwise most of us in ZHC could not be doing anything at all in this 0101 world. We are hacktivists who have found �hacking� as a mean of communication with those who we normally can�t communicate, can�t write about our work, you can google about us.

Q: Define Hacktivism?
A: Its just Activism with an extra H & C (joking) for us it�s a continuous struggle as well as a resistance against the oppression. 

Q: What is #OpKashmir?
A: OpKashmir is a collective call for hackers all over the world to join hands in order to send a message to the Indian Government and all other government over the world who turn a blind eye to struggle and oppression of Kashmir.

Q: This is the first time ZHC hacked a Pakistani website anything on that?
A: The time was high after Shaheed Afzal Guru Incident and it was pathetic how Pakistani media was ignoring it, we were already hacking Indian govt sites and that day I was talking with Zombie about Zhc and he helped us in getting access to GEO himself so that we could use it for our cause. We defaced it and didn't even greet him or PAKbugs to keep the message real, he said nothing, just laughed and started discussing about another vulnerable website.  This hack gave a good resonance to Kashmir voice. 

Q: So you mean the Pakbugs and Zombie_KSA real?
A: I think people should stop asking this stupid question, that guy is real and he proves it by the work he does, I have respect for him as he is what he's meant to be �the real Black hat� + the things he does, I find him true to himself in them. He does not fool around to seek cheap publicity or attention.  The people who are faking his name should stop it now.

Q: We have heard that You Parterned with Anonymous for #OpKashmir?
A: Yes we partnered with Anonymous because Anonymous support fights against injustice and oppression. Our motives were same so naturally we came together. For us it's not ZHC�s name, it�s the �Kashmir� that matters.

Q: People are criticizing that How they can get Kashmir by defacing sites?
A: Well, everyone has their own views. There are people around the world who haven't even heard about Kashmir. Our defacing is a kind of raising awareness among people to fight for their rights and to support those who are fighting for their rights.

Q: We have heard that in the past you guys found Bug on Facebook and hacked high profile Pages, did you really, tell us about Bug?
A: Yes that is true we exploited a bug in Facebook to deface many high profile pages and to shut down hate pages, it's fixed now, but as Facebook is always changing its script so chances are that it will come back, so lets not unveil it just yet.

Q: What do you think about Pakistan Cyber Security?
A: Irrelevant 

Q: What do you think of other Hacktivist groups Anonymous, Lulsec?
A: Anonymous are good attention grabbers, nothing about Lulsec.
Q: There is a perception that ZHC members are only from Pakistan, Is it true?
A: That's not true. The group is a global platform for hacktivists around the globe, those who share a common cause and dedicate their skills to bring the voice of the voiceless. I don't want to tell the names, we are from the UK, Pakistan, US, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Italy and few from Palestine too.

Q: What kind of advice would you have for new Hackers?
A: Time you waste won't come back, bad grades won't win your wars but will disappoint your parents, indulge yourself in learning but use your knowledge for better purposes. 

Q: It is nice to talk to you. What do you think about The Hackers Post?
A: Nice website, keep going & keep highlighting our work!

Thanks for Giving me your precious time ZHC_Hawk. Have a nice day!
Good day!

Yesterday, we conducted an interview of Zombie_KsA, PAKbugs Owner, it can be found here.

Description: Interview with ZHC_Hawk, ZHC Founder
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ItemReviewed: Interview with ZHC_Hawk, ZHC Founder

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