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Port 1 : ISP A --> IP Public
Port 2 : ISP B --> IP Public
Port 3 : LAN -->
Port 4 : RT/RW atau HotSpot -->
Port 5 : Proxy --> 

What i want is, LAN & RT/RW bisa masuk proxy dan LB bareng serta kena cache proxy, so thiz is should be

/IP Firewall Address List
add list="Proxy Allowed" address=
add list="Proxy Allowed" address=
/IP NAT add chain=srcnat out-interface=ISP-A action=masquerade
/IP NAT add chain=srcnat out-interface=ISP-B action=masquerade
/IP NAT add chain=dstnat protocol=tcp dst-port=80,81,8080,3128 src-address-list="Proxy Allowed" action=dstnat to-address= to-port=3128
Notes : karena ada 2 interface jadi kita deteksi pake IP di src-address-list

/IP Firewall Mangle
add chain=prerouting in-interface=LAN dst-address= connection-state=new nth=2,1 action=mark-connection new-connection-mark=lan-1 comment="Load Balance LAN" passthrough=yes
add chain=prerouting in-interface=LAN dst-address= connection-state=new nth=2,2 action=mark-connection new-connection-mark=lan-2 passthrough=yes
add chain=prerouting in-interface=LAN connection-mark=lan-1 action=mark-routing new-routing-mark=jalur-1 passthrough=no
add chain=prerouting in-interface=LAN connection-mark=lan-2 action=mark-routing new-routing-mark=jalur-2 passthrough=no

add chain=prerouting in-interface=Proxy connection-state=new nth=2,1 action=mark-connection new-connection-mark=proxy-1 comment="Load Balance Proxy"
add chain=prerouting in-interface=Proxy connection-state=new nth=2,2 action=mark-connection new-connection-mark=proxy-2
add chain=prerouting in-interface=Proxy connection-mark=proxy-1 action=mark-routing new-routing-mark=jalur-1
add chain=prerouting in-interface=Proxy connection-mark=proxy-2 action=mark-routing new-routing-mark=jalur-2

add chain=prerouting in-interface=RT-RW dst-address= connection-state=new nth=2,1 action=mark-connection new-connection-mark=rt-1 comment="Load Balance RT/RW"
add chain=prerouting in-interface=RT-RW dst-adddress= connection-state=new nth=2,2 action=mark-connection new-connection-mark=rt-2
add chain=prerouting in-interface=RT-RW connection-mark=rt-1 action=mark-routing new-routing-mark=jalur-1
add chain=prerouting in-interface=RT-RW connection-mark=rt-2 action=mark-routing new-routing-mark=jalur-2

Description: [MIKROTIK] LOAD BALANCE NTH ver + External Proxy (Squid) Enhancement
Rating: 4.5
Reviewer: Ham JavaNet
ItemReviewed: [MIKROTIK] LOAD BALANCE NTH ver + External Proxy (Squid) Enhancement

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