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XAMPP is a fully functional web server package. It is built to test web based programs on a personal computer. It is not meant for online access via the web on a production server. This page describes how to install the XAMPP webserver package of programs and how to install a Moodle standard package on the server which was created.

TIP: These guidelines are intended for a Standard Moodle installation on a Windows PC for a private or test Moodle installation, not a production (public) site or service. XAMPP-lite is used to create a Complete install packages for Windows which has a different installation process.


    1 System requirements
    2 Install complete package process
        2.1 First create file structure
            2.1.1 Download the package
            2.1.2 Unpack the package
        2.2 Second - start the webserver
        2.3 Third - start Moodle installation
            2.3.1 Set language
            2.3.2 Diagnostic results
            2.3.3 Moodle paths
            2.3.4 Database configuration
            2.3.5 Check server
            2.3.6 Confirm initial language pack
            2.3.7 Confirm config.php
            2.3.8 Moodle copyright & agreement
            2.3.9 Current release and unattended option
            2.3.10 Installation modules and blocks screens
            2.3.11 Administrator user profile
            2.3.12 Front page settings
            2.3.13 Moodle on
        2.4 Congratulations - Moodle has been installed
    3 More tips and cautions
    4 Security matters (A MUST READ!)
    5 Apache and MySQL tweaks
        5.1 Installing Apache and MySQL as services
        5.2 Apache Notes
            5.2.1 Troubleshooting
        5.3 MySQL notes
    6 Vista and Windows 7
    7 See also
 System requirements
  •         256 MB RAM (minimum), 512 MB RAM (recommended)
  •         160 MB free Fixed Disk (more space will be needed depending on user uploads)
  •         Windows 98/ME (minimum)
  •         Windows NT/2000/XP (recommended)

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