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The Dubai Police have arrested a cyber crime gang who were able to transfer more than Dh7 million from exchange companies in Dubai, a senior official from Dubai Police said, according to GulfNews

After several days of investigation the Dubai smartly tracked the gang and arrested them. The step from Dubai police has been appreciated by the world of internet. Especially, at the time when cyber crime is at it�s boom. The news for the arrest was announced by commander in chief from the Dubai police (Khamis Mattar Al Mazeina), he also told about the gang�s belonging in these words:
�The personnel of the department had arrested a multi-national gang of Asians and Africans who allegedly recruit hackers to work for them against payment of cash,� 

According to the commander in chief, the recruited hackers were involved in hacking major company�s accounts and they transferred the money in them into their own accounts. Though, Dubai was successful in seizing all the money transferred illegally.
�The department had managed to seize cheques worth nearly Dh6 billion used to defraud others, and resulted in transferring of US$2 million to the bank account of a company that belong(ed) to the suspects,� Al Mazeina said.

The procedure for this fraudulent activity was in a way that at first the gang hacked the targeted company�s email address and through it change all the details for the transactions. The details were changed to the criminal own accounts.

There were four major suspects in case: S.K, K.S, D.S and G.D.

K.S was involved in receiving in all the money that was received through fraudulent activity. He received 7 seven percent of the total money gained by the gang. S.K share in the total money was 3 percent, his role in this activity was to provide the account details of the bank account in which all the stolen was needed to be transferred, both of these suspects were from Asian region.

Through S.K police came to know about the third suspect D.S who was from African region. D.S was a middle man who transferred the messages between the gang in Africa and second suspect. According to him, the gang was involved in fraudulent of activity of Dh 4.6 billion. Furthermore, through him police got hold off the last suspect i.e. G.D. But, we again laud the efforts of Dubai police who did a fantastic job by arresting the gang.

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