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Various hacktivists joins hand togather to launch a massive cyber attack on Israeli Cyber Space with the aim to erase it from the world wide web. In talk with  The Hackers Post, AnonGhost told that they will initiate the attack on the 7th of April.

#OpIsrael is an operation that is going to start on the 7th of April & this project got initiated by AnonGhost. According to  AnonGhost,
The hacking teams have decided to unite against Israel as one entity and that Israel should be getting prepared to be "erased" from the internet. 
Its not one Hacker, Its not one Team, But Various Hacker, Various Teams from all over the World are participating in this Operation! 
Its gonna be the biggest ever operation launched against any country, Its gonna be Huge! 

AnonGhost provide a list of hackers with the teams that are going to be supporting the #OpIsrael Operation: 

Hackers that are participating:
  • Mauritania Attacker (AnonGhost & Mauritania HaCker Team)
  • HUrr!c4nE (ajax Team)
  • Hitcher (MLA - Muslim Liberation Army)
  • SAW-19, X-Line, V!rus No!r (Moroccan Hackers)
  • Foxy, MR@T0RJAN (Gaza Hacker Team & Gaza Security Team)
  • PLiiiJl (Anonymous Syria)
  • ExDeaTH, Jihad (X-BLACKERZ INC)

A short list of Teams that are in #OpIsrael provided by AnonGhost
We try to confirm various hackers about this operation and their participation.
ZHC comments on this operation
yup we are participating.. Israel isn't stopping human right violationsPS:its to show solidarity with newly recognized Palestinian state

MauritaniaHacker Team comment on #OpIsrael that,

"Like I did before with Israel , Microsoft & Google Israel, their Banks and 150000 Facebook accounts. this time I'm back after a while and I united various Hackers because we are fighting for the same cause it's Palestine and we will fight till the end no surrender !

We try to connect to Hitcher from Muslim Liberation Army. Hitcher said,

Its an attack on Israel Cyber space from Muslim hackers i always love to hack for the Cause and its chance to proof again my slef as i did in past i am always always love to hack against Israel and from my team side i will took part in it and will spread the message what we want to delivered for me team doesn't matter cause for hack matter list of few of my big Hack against Israel

We have seen, Hitcher hacker has been very active in #opIsrael. He hacked, 570+ sites , Israel�s Ministry of National Infrastructures, Jesus Holyland and other Israeli Sites in support of Palestine.

Anonymous hacktivists from all over the world also started #OpIsrael, after the country Israel started intensifying its attacks against Palestine. Within few hours of the operation lunched, close to 100 websites defaced, and a number of government sites have suffered temporary disruptions because of distributed denial-of-service (DDOS) attacks launched against them as part of OpIsrael.

We are wondering what Israel will do and who will respond to the #opIsreal threat. You can get more news on #OpIsrael here.

Description: #OpIsrael: Hacktivists Starting Cyber Attack against Israel on 7th of April
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ItemReviewed: #OpIsrael: Hacktivists Starting Cyber Attack against Israel on 7th of April

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