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Modbin6 should be run in the "Command Prompt" of Win2000 or XP. It probably will work in Vista also. The subject BIOS and Modbin6 should be in a directory by themselves when using Modbin6. Depending on the other files names and extensions that might be in your working directory, the apparent corruption can occur, so don't include any other file not necessary.

Modbin6 allows you, at a minimum, to:
1) Unhide(or hide) BIOS Items.
2) Edit the POST Screen message.
3) Edit the names of BIOS Items and settings.
4) Move any Item or multiple Items.
5) Change the Defaults of any Item.
6) Create a new group and move a Item(s) to it.

Modbin6 will fix the BIOS checksum when changing something and saving, but the checksum usually is not zero(00h). Modbin6 just saves what it calculates, and this is fine.

If the un-zipped BIOS file does not have a ".bin" extension, at the command prompt, type and enter: Modbin6 xxxxx.yyy where xxxxx.yyy represents the actual BIOS file name and extension. Or simply edit the file name to end in ".bin" as all BIOS files are binary files. Create a seperate directory and place the BIOS .bin files and Modbin6 in it and nothing else. I use a single letter for the directory so then when in the Command Prompt, I have to do a minimum of typing.

The latest available Modbin6 that work for the latest AWARD BIOS, is Linked here:
Modbin6 Version 2.04.03
Modbin6 Version 2.04.02
Modbin6 Version 2.04.01
Modbin6 Version 2.03.02
Modbin6 Version 2.01.02
Modbin6 Version 2.01.01

The command set can be displayed using the /? switch.
The 1st example is how a BIOS file is normally opened.
The 2nd example of "-d" usage, is unknown at this time.
The 3ed example of using "-m" followed by a string, is a way to change the BIOS message. The string must be in quotations if it is more then 1 word:

If more then 1 binary bios file is in the working directory, or you didn't specify a file name at the command line, a prompt will come up asking you to select one.

The main window of modbin6, shows 8 choices.

Selecting "File" and pressing "enter", brings up the Load/Save dialog box.  

Selecting "Change BIOS Message", allows one to display anything at the start of POST. 79 characters is the limit.

Selecting "Change BIOS Option", opens a dialog box to select BIOS timing or BIOS option.  

Change BIOS Option, Change BIOS Timing usage, is unknown to me at this time.  

Change BIOS Option, Change BIOS Timing usage is unknown to me at this time 

Remember you are using these programs entirely at your own risk. The information presented may not work for you. If you are not comfortable modifing BIOS's and flashing them, do not attempt to modify them.

Description: [TUTORIAL] Using Modbin6 (AWARD Only)
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Reviewer: Ham JavaNet
ItemReviewed: [TUTORIAL] Using Modbin6 (AWARD Only)

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