Posted by : Ham JavaNet Rabu, 06 Maret 2013

An Indian Hacker going by name "Godzilla" today claimed to hack into one of the server belongs to unofficial ISI(Inter Services Intelligence) website ( and hacker claimed to have access to the secret information of Pakistani Intelligence Agency.

According to the information by the hacker, he claims to have access to Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) of the server located at

He claimed that System installed with Windows 2008 server standard edition and having three drives i.e C,D,E with operating system in C and Hostname 'AHCORP'.

He also claimed to hack into MSSQL server containing 3 databases, with 9 users and located at, as shown in the below screenshot.

Some partial tables of the database 'msdb' as listed below:

As its unofficial site, it has nothing to do with ISI itself and  it does not contain any secret information of the intelligence agency. The above screenshot show that, its just a random site, contain ordinary information, maintained by some fan of the ISI (inter-Services Intelligence).

According to whois details of the website, nameservers are given below:

Website is hosted on shared hosting server. The hosting services are provided by Its just an ordinary windows server with sites hosted on it.

Description: Unofficial Pakistan Intelligence agency ISI site hacked by Indian Hacker Godzilla
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Reviewer: Ham JavaNet
ItemReviewed: Unofficial Pakistan Intelligence agency ISI site hacked by Indian Hacker Godzilla

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